Science Rocks!!!

AshtonBy: Ashton

Last year my Troop went to the Adventure Science Museum in Nashville. We got to explore the museum,  learn about fun science experiments and spend the night.

At the museum there was a place that was all about the body. There was a brain that you could explore, a bone ladder to climb and an intestine to slide down. It made a gassy sound when you made it down to the bottom! Hahaha!

My favorite part was when we got to go into a room and a man showed us different experiments about air pressure. He used a kind of vacuum and asked a woman to spray shaving cream on the platform of the vacuum. Then the shaving cream expanded with the air pressure and shrank when there was no air pressure.

At night we got to have a huge slumber party with my whole Troop. My friends and I picked a spot where there were rocket ship games. I played hangman with one of my friends and we all talked. We fell asleep really late and had to get up early.

In the morning my friend Emma and I stopped by Panera and had a big hot chocolate! We went to the American Girl Store and had my doll, Josefina’s hair done. Then we headed home to Memphis.

That was a very exciting trip. I hope we can do that again!

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  1. Hi Ashton! It is Sami (your pen pal last year). I was so surprised when I was working on my Internet Adventure badge and saw your face show up on the blog. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and learned so cool things. Hope you are having fun in AHG this year!

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