Hi! My name is Penelope and I am from Troop FL 0278. I wanted to blog today for girls like me that might not be in gymnastics but like to learn gymnastic techniques at home.  I am not in gymnastics but I studied a lot of gymnasts on line and I try to save my money to participate in open gym classes whenever I can.

Today I wanted to share two tips on how to be more successful at completing a handstand.

Penelope 1This picture shows me T-ing into a handstand.  T-ing causes you to slow down, use your inner core muscles for balance.  When you do this correctly it forms a T with your arms, torso and leading leg.  It might not seem like it is helping at first but keep repeating it and practicing it.  T-ing in will help you have a successful handstand that you can hold.

Penelope 2
This picture shows me practicing my handstand against a closed door.  Strong arms are a huge part of successful handstands.  Holding handstands against the door allows me to build up my arm strength without tipping over.

I hope these tips are helpful and encourages you to practice gymnastic skills even if you aren’t able to be in a class right now.

As always please follow safety rules to keep yourself and others safe: never practice on wood or tile, make sure your space is clear of objects and people and always communicate with an adult in your family before you plan to practice a new skill.

Happy Handstands!


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  1. I do gymnastics every day before & after school. It is a all day class on Saturday.
    TAKE THAT GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I don’t do gymnastics at a gym but I do work on stuff with my cousin who is in cheer she just recently taught me the back walk pver and front walk over and then both front and back hand springs then the last thing was round offs


  3. I really love gymnastics to and I read up on gymnastics and really enjoy doing it but unfortunatley there is a problem right know my family doesn’t have a lot of money we have enough to be apart of either gym or ahg and I chose ahg because I have so many devoted friends that if I quit ahg I might never see again


  4. I used to do gymnastics but we moved and it was too long of a drive and we had to quit. since we moved we have not done it again. I wish I could. You are really good!!!


  5. your doing great at gymnastics, i am actually in gymnastics, it’s fun but hard work ,i practice for three hours a day twice a week.

    question does anybody else do gymnastics? reply to me if you do.


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