Devotion: KNOWN Ambigram

Known BG

By Beth Gully

We are known, fully known, by God.
He knows us inside and out.

Isn’t that amazing?

I’m constantly reminded of how God’s fingerprints are all over me.
Like clay at a potter’s wheel, His touch has molded and shaped me.
And His fingerprints are all over you too!

Whenever I feel my body image doesn’t measure up to those around me, I’m reminded I am made in His image.

Read Psalm 139

God made each of us exactly as He wanted us in the body of Christ, with our
body shape, our hair color, our skin color, our emotions, and our intelligence.
We’re actually pretty perfect.

We’re perfectly who we are meant to be, and we are absolutely loved by Him.
He loves you exactly the way you are, so what you see as imperfections, are actually His perfections . . . in you. And it is through His image, and yours, that you are beautifully created and beautifully known.

1. Print a paper copy of the ‘KNOWN’ ambigram image above.
2. Now, with the paper in hand, find a large mirror and stand in front of it.
3. Hold up the KNOWN image facing the mirror and see what it says.
Does it look the same in both directions, whether you look at it right side up or
backwards in the mirror?
4. Now look at yourself in the mirror.
God is in you. So see if you can see Him.
Look for Him in your demeanor, in your smile, and especially look for Him in your
eyes.  He is there . . . in you.

He sees you the same way, inside and out. He knows you better than your friends and even your parents . . . and He loves you so much.

Regardless of which way you try to look at God, He is the same.  No matter how you look at this ‘KNOWN’ ambigram, in the mirror or not, it’s still the same. Let this image be a reminder that you are fully known, backwards and forwards, and inside out, by a wonderful God who loves you deeply.

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