Dog Blog: Kandi

Hi my name is Kandi, I am a 6 month old black lab blood hound mix puppy.  I love playing with my favorite toy Mr. Hedgehog, very squeaky. My owners name is Janessa she is very nice and super fun. I get a lot of secret treats from her. My owner Janessa has other puppies named Moshi and Luna, Luna is Moshi’s daughter………. Anyhow I always want to play with them but Moshi just starts yapping and Luna starts yelping. Now back to me, my grandma Jill goes on walks almost every night and most of the time she takes me so you can pretty much say I love walks, oh I also like swimming, and camping. If I haven’t mentioned this yet, I do have a dad named Eddie.  Every day after work and school he will come home and let me out to use the bathroom and play. Now that concludes my story Bye!


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