My name is Maty Grace from Troop SC1212. I’m a Pioneer and I’m 13.

Last week, at my mom’s office, my mom, my sister, and I, just got back from lunch and heard small crying noises coming from a large bush. When we went to investigate, we found four kittens. They were soaking wet because it was raining. My sister called them and they came right over.

We brought them in the building and cleaned the mud off of them with paper towels that we dampened with warm water. Then we dried them off and put them in a box until they got warm.Β  Once they got warm we fed them juices from wet cat food and warm milk from a bottle.

We are searching for their mom and I’m sure they miss her, but in the meantime, we are taking good care ofΒ  them.

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  1. that is such a great thing to do.
    One time we were my Nan’s house and we found 9 kittens.
    my dog at that time snuggled up close to them and took care of them as her own:)
    when we got back home we took them to the shelter.
    I still don’t know if they have been adopted yet,but iIhope so

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