Our National Anthem Poem

By: Pioneer, Julia, and Patriot, Emily, AL2345

On September 13th 1814, a day to remember, but not to be seen.

Francis Scott Key, taken aboard, surrounded by British with which he was not concord.

He watched as Fort McHenry was put to the test, He heard every gunshot, every wail without rest.

As twenty- five hours slowly passed by, the sun began rising but was still very shy.

He looked eagerly with tears in his eyes, seeking to know if his country’s flag would again rise.

As the smoke cleared away, he watched in surprise. For it is known to this day, that the flag slowly arised.

Breathless with joy, he began to compose a poem that everyone today now knows.

Four verses later, he put up his pen, and the following lines are now known to all men.


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