The Story of Binx

By: Pioneer, Serena, WA0627

One morning, our neighbor’s mom went outside and found an abandoned kitten, belonging to one of the feral cats in the neighborhood. He was about the size of a small tennis ball and was a very sickly looking kitten. We think he was only six weeks old. He had not had any milk in about a day so he was weak. Our neighbor’s mom brought him in and went to the store to get a bottle and some kitten formula.

The neighbors already had a cat and a dog, so they gave him to us and we named him Binx (we named him that because he is black and when he lay down he looked like the Sphinx). The first thing he did when we put him down on the floor was run under the couch and not come out, so my parents and brother had to lift up the couch while I reached under to grab him.

For the first few days Binx didn’t move that much and he ate a lot. When we took him to the vet we found out why. It turned out that he had roundworms so the vet gave us some medicine to give to him to get rid of them. After that he had a lot more energy and grew bigger quickly.

When he was eight to 10 weeks old we were able to give him some solid food with his formula. One day my mom, brother and I were cleaning. We put him in an open top plastic container so we could clean the bathroom (which was the room that we had been keeping him in). I had finished cleaning and I came out in time to see him jump and climb over the side of the container and run across the floor and under a bookcase. After we got him out we put him back in the container being careful to keep a close eye on him.

About a week later, we were watching TV and we had put the container in between our couch and coffee table and Binx was practicing jumping out of the container onto the couch and back in. It was really cute and it showed how much strength he now had.

And now it is amazing how much he has grown. At eight months, he is now 10 pounds and really energetic and playful. I think he is part Maine Coon because he has tufts of fur coming from his ears, a big bushy tail and he looks pretty big.


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  1. That cat is adorable! Binx is such a cute name for it! I can’t believe you took in a stray cat! πŸ˜€


  2. My cat Pepper ( who has a blog on AHG ) has the same story. When Forgotten Cats ( cat rescue) picked him up he was a very tiny and sickly cat with ringworms. Now Pepper is fine and big, fat and furry. We think he has some Maine Coon because of his face shape, small tufts on his ears and is gray.

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