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My name is Mikhayla. I am a 16 year old self-taught artist. I have loved to draw ever since I was little, but I only became serious about art four years ago. mikhayla2

One problem that’s common among artists, and one that I have as well, is comparing myself to other artists. When I see artwork created by people my age, it is usually better than what I can draw or paint! But it’s wrong to be jealous, because those artists put time and effort to become as good as they are now and deserve the talent they have. There is no way to become instantly good at anything, including art. For most skills, the most common advice holds true: you need to practice over and over again in order to improve. It is tedious, but it works!



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  1. Hi! I had to change my name again because after reading warrior cats book 3,I found out that the name Thornpaw was allready taken. Enjoy! Still love your art!


  2. I’m just good at drawing warrior cat heads. Some times I mix the cat heads with characters on T.V. like Harry Potter or lord Megatron.😀


  3. Wow!! You totally nailed the shadows and shading! Out of curiosity, Do you do art for other people or just for fun?


  4. I am only good at drawing horses ( favorite animal !! ) . Wow, you draw well! I can draw mostly cartoon horses, but sometimes get lucky and SOMEHOW draw a relistic horse! 🙂

    Hannah M , 11 yo Explorer

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  5. Wow! You draw amazingly! I’m sure God has a special purpose for a gift like that. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂


  6. wow mikhayla! nice job
    you make it look so easy!
    i am not at all good at non human art!

    ARI L;a good thing to do to help you get better at sketching might be googling for images so you can see it while you draw (;

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  7. wow you are really really really good at art i literally just started and i am not very good

    it is kind of the same thing in gymnastics every body thinks i am perfect at every thing i do but i know i have a lot of room to improve

    does any body have any advice

    please reply if you do


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