Lock-In Ideas

I’m Katharine, and I’m a Tenderheart from Troop AZ1464.

My troop does lock-ins twice a year. We had one in January, and we are having another lock-in tomorrow.

Our lock-ins have themes, for example our lock-in theme this time is “Ultimate Spa Night.”

At our first lock-in we learned about Freida B. a Blessing!

Other good ideas for lock-ins include fun snacks, movies, crafts, and a dance party.

We put up our tents inside for lock-ins so we can practice camping inside, and because it’s fun!

I hope I’ve inspired you to have a fun lock-in of your own!

My picture is from the day I finished my Cycling Badge.

Kath Cycling.jpg

9 thoughts on “Lock-In Ideas

  1. (To answer the question of Annabelle) I’m pretty sure a lock-in is where you stay at a place (example: troop meeting place, church, school, etc.) all night and do fun activities, kinda like a sleepover at a place you wouldn’t usually sleep at. The youth at my church are going to do one but I won’t be there because I will be sleeping at a monastery! 🙂


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