For Those Who Are Confident

By: Sarah, Patriot, CO2012


Good grief. How many times do we hear it- “You are special.” “You can make a difference.”  And, my personal favorite, “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

Not that they aren’t true.

In fact, they all are some of the most fundamentally basic concepts of life, and, consequently, God’s love for us. The only problem is, they all are total clichés. In school talks, and from our parents’ mouths, and even in the Bible, it sometimes seems to be an old scratchy record playing continuously in the background until it just becomes a dull buzz. We don’t need to hear it anymore, so we turn it off.  It’s been used enough we know how it goes.

God wants us to hear these messages, and to implement them in our lives, but He never wanted them to become overused or worthless. Especially when there are still people who need those thoughts in their lives. That’s why He made us to be confident.

Isaiah 41:6 says, “Each one helps his neighbor, one says to the other, ‘Courage!'”. We’d all like to think that we do this. Who hasn’t cheered their friend on at their soccer game, or sat next to the shy new kid? It comes naturally at times, and sending the goodness of our Lord from ourselves to another person feels great, especially when you can see the effects it has on others. But what if it was possible to do more?

Sometimes, the people who need courage the most aren’t the ones who are openly afraid or nervous. They aren’t the new kid or the tense soccer player. At least those guys have acknowledged their fears. But what about the people you were sitting by before you moved by the new kid? Did you invite them to come with you and share in the joy of helping others? Or did you call the new kid over to your table, just assuming your friends would be okay with it (if they’re real friends, they will be)? Those are fine options, and beautiful ways to help others, but like my friend Marcella says, “God didn’t call us to mediocrity. He called us to greatness!” We are confident girls, and we have the ability to stretch out and benefit more than just ourselves in our good works.

I see it as a pond that you’re throwing stones into (Bear with me on this). It often times is nice to see how big of a ripple you can make, how many rings. But what if you got your friend to throw one in too? It would look twice as cool, but your perfect ripple might have a bit of competition. And then, when your friend gets someone involved, and another, and another, there are so many ripples you have no idea whose are whose anymore. It all just belongs to the pond, and only it will ever understand who made what ripple with what stone.

You can probably tell where I’m taking this.

Making “ripples” in the world is great, but often times, when it’s just us, we attach ourselves too closely to them and forget why we’re doing them at all. However, when we get lots of people together, it becomes much easier to give it all up to God and remember where it all comes from. It’s a challenge, but one of the most beautiful that our Lord has given us.

We are confident young women, and we are special and able to accomplish great things, but we must keep in mind that “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Phil 3:14.

God bless all of us confident girls.


19 thoughts on “For Those Who Are Confident

  1. This is 100 percent lit and inspiring stuff I wish with all of my heart that these messages will spread like wildfire to the world… cause people need this stuff. Like, I know so many people who have the wrong ideas in their hearts and need the truth so badly. I hope I can find ways to have people help me talk to them.

    -Lily WV AHG troop 0356/ patriot/ soon to be senior in highschool


  2. I do not know if I have ever been confident at all. I thought I had friends when I was younger,but then it all started where I go to church. I walked up to one of my fake friends. Her name is Kathren. I started talking to her and after I was finished saying my piece, she said, Oh,time to go. And it was not even time to sit down for worship yet! I was very sad. But then came Aleathia. And then Olivia. Sorry I do not know how to spell your name,Aleathia,but I have never seen you wear your name tag before. But I am glad I met you both when no one else would sit next to me. Thank you.


  3. I love what you said! It is absolutely perfect for me right now! I’m gonna use it as part of a daily devotional! Thank you for the encouragement


  4. This is amazing, Sarah! You totally should write devos! This is so true for me right now. It’s much better to do service as a group than on your own, because there is a lesser chance of pride creeping in (and we don’t want any of that!) Great job!


  5. That’s really cool, Sarah. You should write devotionals. I really like how you were talking about serving God together can make a huge impact on the world.

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  6. Awesome blog post! It’s so true, thank you for being honest! Such a great encouragement- Thank you so much!


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