My Pet Cat

By: Tenderheart, Katie

My favorite animal is a dog but we have a cat.  He was just a kitten and the shelter had named him Lenny.  We called him that for a while but then renamed him Sox because his paws were white and the rest of him was black.  It looked like he was wearing socks.  While we are on vacation he does not eat a lot.  He is very fat and likes to sleep all day long.  He meows very loudly in the morning because he always wants us to pet him.   For Christmas we got him a toy mouse with catnip in it.  He loves it and plays with it a lot.  The thing I like best about Sox is he is soft and cute and cuddly.

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11 thoughts on “My Pet Cat

  1. Your cats name reminds me of a book by Beverly Cleary called Socks. And the owners named him for the exact same reason you did! He looked like he was wearing white socks! I think some of her books have a connection! O.k, so,the previeous owners had a lot of kittens. Ramona is another collection of books by Beverly Cleary. And Ramona`s family had a cat named Picky-Picky. I think her family got Picky-Picky from that kitten sale. Connection?……………………………


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